The Open Source IoT interoperability middleware
Latest version: 3.1.0, February 2019

What is symbIoTe?


In a digital world with billions of smart devices connected to the Internet, adapting, evolving and pushing towards an interconnected society, there is a real need for interconnection. symbIoTe proposes an interoperable ecosystem where any IoT platform and/or resource can interact in a trusted and unified way, paving the road for the development of new emerging businesses. This defeats the concept of isolated IoT islands, creating an environment where new players, new market niches and new businesses bloom. symbIoTe is an Open Source middleware which allows IoT solutions providers to expose, share and exchange their resources. The offered software provides an abstraction layer to ease the integration of new providers. At the same time, it also offers the ability to create platform federations, so as to establish direct and secure interactions for the mutual benefit of involved platforms.



Unified interface for open IoT resources

symbIoTe provides a unified interface that allows Cloud-based IoT platforms to open and expose their devices/services in a uniform way, making them discoverable by 3rd parties. symbIoTe's semantic approach enables IoT platforms to map their information model to a common representation, allowing them at the same time to define platform-specific extensions. symbIoTe's security layer provides to platforms full control on the access policies of their resources.

Direct transactions with federated platforms

symbIoTe enables the formation of IoT federations, i.e., closed groups of collaborating Cloud-based IoT platforms, for more direct resources exchanges. On top of the existing unified interface for semantic representation and access control, symbIoTe offers mechanisms for establishing trust among the federation members and allows for the use of bartering mechanisms for the fair and balanced usage of federated IoT resources.



Localized interaction between in-proximity IoT gateways

Moving away from Cloud-based and Internet-accessible IoT platforms, symbIoTe allows for collocated IoT gateways to share their IoT resources deployed in the same physical location. If Internet connectivity is available then roaming of smart devices across remote (non-collocated) IoT environments is also possible, allowing for seamless integration of the visiting device to the local environment.

Ease the creation of innovative cross-domain applications and services

Application developers have a uniform interface to access a significant number of IoT resources and build cross-platform applications. The timely and easy access to desired resources from multiple locations increases the rapid development and the innovative potential. Service providers can build domain-specific back-end services utilizing available IoT resources provided by platforms. The services can provide added value on top of shared data and resources, offering specialized services to their customers.


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Version 3.1.0 released ........ 15 Feb 2019
Version 3.0.1 released ........ 28 Sep 2018
Version 3.0.0 released ........ 07 Sep 2018
Version 2.0.0 released ........ 24 May 2018
Version 1.2.0 released ........ 03 Apr 2018
Version 1.1.0 released ........ 23 Nov 2017
Version 1.0.0 released ........ 19 Oct 2017